10 best study apps for students

10 best study apps for students

The reality is some of the best free apps for college students are easily and quickly downloaded in a matter of seconds; all one needs is the mobile device and an internet connection. Free study apps for college students offer diverse types of support to fit the many needs of college students. 

When it comes to studying it’s easy to get lost in notes and ideas. That’s why we’ve collected 10 of the best study apps to help you make flashcards, mind maps, create citations and work efficiently.

Apps for students

Goodnotes 5

Goodnotes 5 is the best notes app, start taking notes from your iPad! On the other hand, we can add custom fonts, digital planners and digital notebooks to further improve our notes.

It is a very complete note-taking app, and really easy to use!

Google Drive

Save and store all of your documents online so that your work will be safe if your laptop crashes. You can also work offline and collaborate on a document with your classmates.


Create mind maps to help you organize your thoughts, remember things and generate new ideas. Everyone forgets things at times. However, this could cause a problem for students that are studying for a test or quiz. Here is a simple solution, Simplemind!

Google lens

Google Lens is an image recognition technology that uses your smartphone’s camera to detect an object and provide information about it and the world around you. Google Lens is available as a stand-alone app on Android, or as a feature on the Google Search app on iPhone.


Spotify is one of the best free apps for college students as it offers a customizable digital music platform that even the most perfectionist audiophile will appreciate. The free version of Spotify is available as a complement to the available free study apps for college students.

YouTube App 

YouTube has gone from a simple video-sharing site to a cornerstone of the internet and an entertainment and advertising behemoth. YouTube does everything a college student could need: kill time between classes, bone up on facts before a test, learn to fix an overflowing toilet before the landlord fines you.


Whether a student is writing a paper for an assignment in college or just sending an email to coworkers, written communication can make a difference in how you are perceived.


Whether you’re preparing for a semester abroad or are intensively studying a second language, Duolingo is a great way to learn a foreign language.

It’s a fun and addictive game-based learning platform where you earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Exercises are adapted to your vocabulary and learning style, and you’ll receive feedback immediately as well as tips for improvement. 


They say the best way to learn a language is by using it with native speakers, and this app delivers the ultimate language exchange! HelloTalk allows you to learn a language while exploring new cultures and making new friends around the world.

Quizlet flashcard app

The Quizlet flashcard app is a quick and easy mobile study tool that will help you prepare for the next big test, examination, or presentation.

No matter what subject you’re studying, flashcards are an effective way to help your brain remember connections. With the Quizlet flashcard app, you can create customizable flashcards – helping you remember the key pieces of information you need to ace your classes!

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